Finding the Perfect Romantic Restaurant in Norwich


romantic restaurant

In all scenarios you need to find the ideal location to set the romantic mood.

Whatever the occasion, with a wide range of fantastic eateries in the City you are bound to find a romantic restaurant in Norwich perfect for your special evening. From old fashioned traditional pubs, to contemporary fine dining you will be spoilt for choice.

Whether it be low lighting and soft music, or and well designed menu containing plenty of aphrodisiacs (think asparagus, oysters and chocolate!), ensure that the venue you choose reflects the nature of your romantic ideal.

Let the restaurant create an experience whilst you eat your heart out and concentrate on speaking the language of love.

If you are stuck trying to find a romantic venue in Norwich The Merchants of Colegate Is an idyllic and intimate dining hot spot. Located in Norwich's historical quarter, but within easy walking distance to the vibrancy of the City, this Norwich restaurant is packed with appeal.

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