A Cold Kick Start for Budding Fashion Designers


budding fashion designerIt's not easy for budding fashion designers to get a good start from the blocks. It will be a constant source of inspiration as you delve deeper into its mechanics. This machine encapsulates all the elements of good design, in principle, proportionately perfect, mathematically correct.

Wretchedly poor workers stooped on cold factory floors. Bowler hats, swank cufflinks, three piece suits, drab silk ties. When designer brands seemed as futuristic as putting a man on the moon and fashion accessotries for men

never heard of. Mimicking other designers will only weaken your own creativity.

It worked for Vivienne Westwood . There's enough inspiration in a single triumph to create a whole wardrobe of styles, from working to upper class. And even the brand name is their, Bonneville or variations of, it sounds a little Scottish. Here is an interesting anecdote from that era: 1969 Nutters of Savile Row opens on Valentine's Day and unleashes the Tommy Nutter/Edward Sexton style on swinging London.

Nutters is the first shop on Savile Row to pioneer 'open windows' and wild displays executed by Simon Doonan. Mount Street bespoke tailor to the stars Douglas Hayward dresses Michael Caine in the infamous gangster caper The Italian Job. Caine's skinny suits and tone-on-tone white shirt and tie combinations set a cocky, sharp tailored style that resonates today.

Otherwise you'll jut be another little sapling struggling for light amongst all the tall trees

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