Handicraft Valentines Day Gifts for your Sweetie or Special Friend


handicraft valentines gifts

You don't' have to be attached to celebrate Valentines Day . Take a girl's night out to celebrate womanhood, or children can share their love with their parents too.

While the holiday can seem somewhat commercialized, there are gifts that you can create from your own imagination and heart. If you are the poetic type, or you like to express your thoughts and feelings in words, try writing a special poem , or even making a handicraft valentine day card. The poem and greeting doesn't have to rhyme.

For greeting cards, find some colored stock paper, and then fold your greeting inside. Tie some pretty ribbon, add some Valentines Day stickers, and a personal touch. Put in some movie tickets from a first date; add a small printout from a favorite movie, television show, or product.

hadicraft valentine gifts

Place it on a scrapbook page, and add some of your own words with the page. Last of all, you could create a treasure hunt within a box of candies. If you're special somebody is a candy or chocolate fanatic, create a mini treasure hunt within the candy. If it's a female, try placing a pretty pair of earrings underneath one of the candies, or a necklace. Or if you would like to propose marriage, this would be a great place to put the engagement ring.

For males, you could fold a t-shirt within the box, put a box of cologne inside some pretty foil wrap surrounded by candy, or place sports trading cards underneath pieces of candy within a box too. By adding some fun, sweets, and words from the heart, any Valentine Day gift can be made special. Thoughtful gifts don't always come from the store, they come from the heart.

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