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What to say in love SMS
By Greg Thompson J

If you do not know, Love SMS is short message service, to do with your mobile phone. Other simple word text message. Love SMS is a short, sweet love note that you send to someone special in the hope of making their hearts beat faster (for you).

Love SmsThere are different kinds of love SMS, and not all of the romantic type. You can send SMS love friend, family member or a person you are doing with or care.

The beauty of this SMS is that it hides from us the fact that the man's face and tell them how we feel. In fact, you can buy or find the SMS that tell exactly how you feel - as a Hallmark greeting card used for the work we had no time. In addition, you get to send it instantly - no inconvenience at all. You can do this during work, during the meeting, during meals, bus, plane or train. Of course, never text, when you are driving, because it would be simply folly. Otherwise, you risk not only hurt themselves, but also other people on the road.

There are many excellent SMS, and you can even find some foreign languages like Hindi or French. There is no limit to express how you feel in a dozen different languages. It's amazing crosses all obstacles and dangers. In addition, he is such a feeling of uplift to be able to send to your friends and care for the message of care and love.

Love SmsShort notes, love was not invented when the love SMS started. Rather, it was an innovative way back in the days of Charles, Duke of Orleans, who wrote a short, sweet notes of love, as a prisoner in the Tower of London.

Today, Love SMS has gone through many changes and creative activities. Even with just 3 short words, you get to touch base with someone you love, at any time of day or night. This is extremely inspiring and uplifting as to send or receive. If you want, you can even subscribe to the service, to get love SMS daily to your ISP. It's fast, easy and gently touch the other person during the day.

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