Valentines Day Ideas


Fun Valentines Day Ideas, February 14 is a day of fun for young and old! This is a day to think about people we love and celebrate the friendship and kindness. That is one of my favorite winter vacation when the young kids like I love all the excitement of the parties at school, Scouts and Sunday School. It is the rest of the winter weary! I enjoy going to the store to let them each choose their own Valentines Day IdeasValentines. Back then "the computer printables" not in the vocabulary, if you can believe it! We bought an old box of cards that tore apart the perforated line. They like to choose their own theme, was in Ninja Turtles, Super Heroes, Care Bears, or Cabbage Patch Kids. Yes, I'll date myself when I look back on these years! Then we will take the boxes and each will wrap and decorate their individual mailboxes own! As Valentines began to arrive from relatives; into the box they will go until Valentines Day Ideas!

In our house, we always add components to give to the day. We will bake and give home made cookies for elderly neighbors. We will collect coins in a big decorated Valentines Day Ideas pitcher that we've decorated after long after Christmas and Valentines Day Ideashave fun watching it grow. On Valentines Day we would count the coin and decide where we will donate the money. One year it was the local volunteer Fire Department as a child I thought since the red truck and Santa always visited the city with the firemen every year, that they should accept the gift. We made a gift to all the grandparents, who are still there today at Grandma and Grandpa's house! We tried to make the kids focus on the ideas of love and attention and fun to receive.

Over the years we have been doing different things to celebrate on the actual day, but their all-time favorite is "Sweet Treat" special. From the moment they wake up, Valentines Day Ideasthey can eat their meals in whatever order they want. I put all the food on the table from main dishes to desserts, and they can eat in whatever order they want! Perhaps the worst idea ever and I absolutely will most likely be reprimanded by nutritionists and pediatricians together, but they are all grown now and no worse for wear and continues to be one of their favorite memories of Valentines Day Ideas!

When they got older, my husband and I started to grow Valentines Day Ideas party. Sometimes dinner with friends and then go back to our house for dessert. Another time was a cocktail party or gathering dessert and drinks. We will always close the evening with a fun game and I really think that was the highlight of the party.

By Carol Eiseman

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