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valentine poems Valentines poem can be loaded on the iPod or MP3 player. Your Valentine can listen to it forever, hearing romantic words, given by you, when they miss you.

The prickly sentiments that a Valentines gift generates, the reasurance that couples - old and newly wed - receive when they select a special Valentines gift for their loved one, all that is difficult to put into appropriate words. Writing the right lines on a Valentines card can be quite a chore...

If you're short of words, don't despair. Together with flowers, these bautiful poems make a very touching gift. Poems read to your loved one have a special way of touching the soul and evoking emotions. A poem can paint a thousand images in the mind's eye!

Valentines poems come in printed form, in very nice booklets, or - and that is new for 2007 - they can be downloaded as audio files that fit on a cell phone, iPod or MP3 player. The collection 'A Dozen Red Roses: 12 Valentines Poems' is my favourite. It contains a wide variety of different, all very beautiful, poems. Uploading the audio files with the Valentines poems to the iPod or MP3 player is easy and only takes a few minutes, and your Valentine will have these files with her / him forever to listen to your precious gift whenever they feel like it and miss you!

valentine poems

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