Traditional, Scented and Exotic Flowers For Lovers


valentine flower the rose On Valentine's Day, February 14th, it is traditional to woo a current or potential lover with Valentine cards and gifts, the favorite of which is the red Rose, a symbol of both passion and love; in more recent years, lovers have become more adventurous and choices for Valentine flowers have included exotic flowers such as the Orchid and scented flowers such as the Lily. Traditional Valentine Flowers: The Rose Victorian flower giving was a complex affair and the scent, size and position of a given bouquet of flowers could convey many different messages; for example, a single red rose would have a different meaning than a red rose combined with white rose buds. There are many varieties of cultivated roses today including wild Roses, Old Garden Roses (climbing and non-climbing) and Modern Garden Roses (climbing, miniature, bush and shrub roses). Roses are many colors and scents; some popular colors of roses for Valentine's Day are red, pink, yellow and white. Exotic Valentine Flowers: The Orchid Orchids have exotic, powerful fragrances which are spicy and fruity; some Orchids have a scent reminiscent of Lemon, whereas other Orchid species may have a more floral fragrance such as the Cattleya species. Scented Valentine Flowers: The Lily valentine flower the lily There are many species of exotic Lilies including Oriental Lilies, Tiger Lilies and the Madonna Lily (Lilium candidum); the Madonna Lily is the oldest of the cultivated lilies, a native of ancient Egypt and Greece. Although not traditionally associated with Valentine's day, the scent of the Madonna Lily is exotic, rich and an aphrodisiac. Florists favor the regal Lily (Lilium regale) which was discovered in western China in 1908. Lilies have an array of colors including classic white and cream, pink, red, orange and yellow.


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