Grown-up Style Valentine


grown-up style valentine

At age five, you woke to the anticipation and thrill of paper valentines and white doilies decorated with taped-on heart-shaped lollipops. At age fifteen, your heart raced passing a folded note to your high school crush. Alone or attached, coupled or parenting, Valentines Day is the ideal opportunity to spoil yourself and those you love. Chill the bubbly, stock-up on chocolate delicacies, stop by the local florist and plan one of the most spectacular Valentine's ever.

* Reserve a romantic Bed & Breakfast at a locale you've always longed to visit. Day or night, the tranquil ocean waters and gentle waves have lulled the hearts of lovers for centuries.

* Plan a camping trip in the southwest and remember to schedule time for a warm, crackling bonfire under the stars, with blankets optional. Bringing the kids? Just pack the ingredients for warm s'mores.

* Book time at a spa for a day or weekend filled with luxury and indulgence. Today's spas offer the best in skin and body care plus health and wellness. You'll return to work - and life - vibrant, glowing and rejuvenated.

valentine style

* Arrange for a romantic Valentine weekend at home. Secretly arrange childcare with friends or family members. Stock-up on candles, campaign and truffles. * Miss time with your family? Thousands of couples pop the question during this special holiday. If you're one of those brave souls, carefully ponder your approach in advance. * Solo? Valentine's Day is a perfect chance to reconnect you're your friends. Visit your old college buddy on the East coast or plan a fun-filled girl's night out.

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