Happy Valentine´s Day


valentine e-cards

Is there a time for love, romance and relations?

To celebrate emotions, love and romance, people use a lot of symbols: flowers, gems, candy, food, drinks, dance, a romantic dinner, e Cards, jewellery and … chocolate!

Since ancient times people is looking for a time to share glorious moments with those special beings and loved ones.

The Valentine e-Cards are the inheritance from a man who was executed the 14th of February of the year 269. Pagan Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercadia which was one of the orgy-centric all day bashes enjoyed by Romans.

During Lupercadia, which was held on February 14, women would write love letters and leave them in a large urn. With the advent of Christianity, Lupercadia was banned and Valentine´s day was offered as substitute. Pope Getasius declared February 14 Saints Valentine´s day around 498 AD.

valentine e-cards

Besides the United States, Valentine´s day is celebrated in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France and Australia. Since ancient times, love, friendship and romance are the privilege of everybody. A great way to show our feelings is by gifts of flowers. Gifts are traditional as a way to show affection, love, romance and friendship. Valentine´s day is marvellous to look for and then enjoy a little corner of paradise for a sexy weekend getaway. It is marvellous to enjoy a sense of privacy in sensual surroundings to inspire romance, seduce yourself and somebody special in a sleek sexy hideaway for lovers.

Find that magic place overlooking a lake. Enjoy fountains, fireplaces, a Watsu massage pool and a seductive, spacious Aqua Dolce for couples, compound.

Love and courtship have evolved with time. Then, the word honeymoon was born. At that time arranged marriages were the norm. During medieval times, love emerged as a relevant cause for a relationship, in reaction to arranged marriages. The Victorian era, after 1830, brought romantic love to become the primary requirement for marriage.

Love, romance and friendship are great reasons to share, dine and gift. Poems, cards, candy, food, drinks jewellery and romantic places are great ways to show loved ones how important they are for us.

Valentine day is the time to express love and celebrate the spirit of love. Happy Valentine and great success for you with plenty of health and happiness. Technorati : Del.icio.us : Zooomr : Flickr :


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