Valentine Heart


Valentine Heart

Melt Your Valentine Heart
Joseph Devine

It's that time of year again, red roses grown in the price, you can not get a reservation anywhere in the city, and everything seems to be a couple. Valentine's Day is a favorite holiday for many and just a hell for others. But this year, why not make this special day, not only day on the calendar, but the day that you gave your valentine heart a beautiful surprise, or decide to take a chance to woo an old Crush.

Valentine HeartThe best way to achieve this goal is to stay away from roses to stay away from a box of chocolates provide something home is worth more money than you could spend on a gift, because it shows how much time you have and how much you care.

Food is always a great option for Valentine's Day. Here are more recipes to try on your valentine heart:

- Melt-Away Heart Cookies Recipe

For these cookies to a third cup of powdered sugar, three quarters of a cup of corn starch, cup flour, eighth teaspoon salt and a cup of butter. For the glaze you will need three ounces of cream cheese, a tablespoon of margarine, milk, and half a teaspoon of vanilla and half a pound of dry pink food. Valentine HeartTo make the cookies all your paints dry ingredients together, making sure to mix the oil in the well. This should form a soft dough that you should be able to work with and easy to crush. Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, or your own favorite forms, cut out the heart of the dough, placing on each Cookie Pan. Bake it for about 10 minutes less on the 375F. Although these preparations can be made glaze. Icing it is simple, you just need to move all together, leaving the pink color of the latter, when all the cream. Ice these files when they are cold and melt the valentine heart of your Valentine!
Valentine's Day comes only once a year. Remember to show your love on this special day, and love will find you.

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