Valentine's Day Card Ideas for the Homeschool


valentine cardIt's always tempting for young homeschoolers to rush to the store and buy overpriced mass-produced valentines featuring their favorite toys and cartoons. Homeschool parents should try to curb this desire by encouraging their children to make their own cards . Encourage them to use their imagination to create an interesting personalized style.

Cards are a breeze to make, even for younger homeschool students. Then, you can decorate the card using glitter, sequins, crayons, more construction paper, and other craft materials. Cut out little hearts and decorate the front of your cards. Cut your card into interesting shapes like hearts or flowers or animals.

valentine card

Have your children make collage valentines. Make sure to include a Bible verse about love. Check out these Bible verses about love.

You can slip valentines in balloons and then inflate them.

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